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Our development in Basel :

Address :
                DATEC ELECTRONIC AG
                Hochbergerstrasse 60C
                CH-4057-Basel Switzerland

                Tel.: +41 (0) 61 633 22 25
                Fax.:+41 (0) 61 633 22 27


The development is mainly in the areas of
Industrial electronics and building automation.

Our long-standing team develops for you as well
Analog or digital and microcontroller-controlled devices.

Our offer includes :  

: scheme, layout, measurements, ...

                                Firmware :
Programming in C, assembler, ...

                                Certification : EMC, KNX, …

... And much more. Just ask us!

Our experience includes:

Industrial Electronics :  Relay modules, optocouplers, power supplies, DC / DC converters, various signal transformers, wiring interfaces, gateways, ...

Air-space technology : Data interface and power supply for autopilot for passenger aircraft, various interfaces to satellite ...

Building automation system : Development of products for KNX (formerly EIB European Installation Bus), DALI (Digital Addressable Light Interface)
                                                  CAN (Control Area Network), ...

LED lighting : LED lights for development of Technical Lighting (electronics + mechanics / housing) for continuous operation in harsh environments, ...


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