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Industrial application


Our experience includes:

interface :

          On Altera FPGA based hardware
          Firmware in AHDL (Altera High Definition Language)

Scoreboards for sports events :
          Hardware for controlling electromechanical display elements

          Firmware in Microchip assembler code

Display panels for fire alarm systems:
          Hardware for LED displays
          Firmware in Microchip assembler code

Portable programmer for onsite firmware updates :
Hardware: Mircrochip Microcontroller and LCD-Display
          Firmware in Microchip assembler code

Tester for mobile-phone endcontrol:
          Interface to manufacturer-specific protocol (Internal)
          Screen test for dead pixels, backlight and calibration of the
          camera brightness

Electrical panel construction:
          Relay modules, Optocouplers, wiring interfaces
          Modules for security and surveillance
          several converters
          Pt100, Ni1000, 0-20mA <-> 0-10VDC, RS-232 <-> RS-485, …
          Power Supplies, DC / DC converters

Aeronautics and Astronautics:
          Data interface and power supply for passenger aircraft autopilot
          Various interfaces to satellite

LED lighting:
          Development of LED lights for Technical Lighting
          IP68, subsequently Snap-on lighting, with voltage drop compensation,
          for continuous operation in moisture, warmth, and harsh dusty environment (tunnel).
Overvoltage protection.

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