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Fan Coil actuator

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Fan Coil actuator ....................                   
Art. Nr. 119914 631001A (Middle East)
Art. Nr. 1630.02120/55100 (Europe)

The KNX Fancoil controller is a DIN Rail mounted KNX device,
for heating or cooling applications in offices, hotel rooms, …
This device is used for driving fans and valves (0-10V or PWM)
as determined by the room controller. The KNX Fancoil controller
is able to drive up to three fan speeds and an additional 230VAC
relay output (ex. for electrical heater). The device has two physical
inputs, the first for connecting a local temperature sensor and the
second to be used as a binary input or as a window contact input.
Also, the 24VAC power supply is included. Using Handmode, the
installation can be tested even without connection to the KNX bus.


Art. Nr. 119914 631001A (Middle East)



    DATABASE : 119914 631001A

Art. Nr. 1630.02120/55100 (Europe)



    DATABASE : 1630.02120/55100


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